Front of case. Red and black laptop case. Camo and yellow strap. Life raft features.
Back of case. Red and Black with camo and yellow strap.
Front of case. Velcro strap on a yellow and black case with camo and yellow straps with life raft features.
Back of case. Black and yellow case with camo and yellow straps.
Upcycled Royal Navy Life Raft Laptop Case

Laptop case made entirely from decommissioned life rafts, add a layer of security to your valuables.

All profits go to the two charities (RNRMC and Oarsome Chance).

It comfortably fits a 15 1/2 inch laptop.

Each case is made one of a kind. The cut and style of each item is dictated by the individual raft used in fabrication. They are handmade by the Canvas Works team at Oarsome Chance, assisted by talented young people trained by Oarsome Chance in industry standard design and sewing skills.

The photos are products that have been made previously.