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The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity has received a £25,000 grant from Greenwich Hospital to distribute to groups and organisations in support of the participation of veterans and their families, alongside serving personnel where appropriate, at remembrance and comradeship events and activities. 


What activity could grant funding support? 

  1. Small grants to support activities of remembrance and commemoration in 2023 and 2024. 

  2. Support will be aimed at naval and marine associations and other community-based groups.

  3. Grants could support contribution to travel to national events for a group of people.

  4. Grants could cover venue hire, refreshments for local activities and their promotion.

How to apply 

The application form will be available by emailing to request a RNRMC/Greenwich Hospital - Remembrance and Comradeship Grants form.

It is important that the application comes with the full backing of the organisation and details of this person must be submitted with the application, please note they may be contacted as part of the grant.

Application Guidance

All applications will be scored against the following eligibility criteria:

  • That there is a clear rationale for the project 

  • That costs represent value for money 

  • That the funding is needed 

  • That monitoring (feedback) will be provided 

Applications will be assessed by a grants panel that meets each month. All applicants will be notified by letter from the Director of Relationships & Funding of the outcome of the meeting.  This will contain any conditions of the grant which will need to be accepted formally.    


Payment details will be set out in the letter advising of the Committee decision. No payment can be made until the RNRMC has received the formal acceptance of grant offer. 

Impact Feedback 

The RNRMC and Greenwich Hospital are committed to measuring the impact (the difference made) by their funding. A monitoring feedback form will be sent to successful applicants for completion post the event.  

Monitoring & Reviewing Grants.  Following the distribution of grants, the RNRMC will expect to receive a final monitoring report from the recipient charity. 

Publicity & Acknowledgement of Grants 

As a fundraising and grant making charity the RNRMC and Greenwich Hospital take great interest in the difference the grant makes to your organisation, letters and feedback are much appreciated.  Stories and photographs, where possible, are of interest, especially those that may be used subsequently to publicise the work of the RNRMC and the organisations that we support and help generate fundraising for future grant making.  

Normally we are not able to fund: 

  1. Where a project only benefits one person.

  1. Organisational fundraising activities 

  1. Retrospective funding for projects that have already taken place 

  1. Trading ventures