Piper's Vale Primary Academy Wins RNRMC and Raytheon UK's STEM Competition

23 October 2020

Budding scientists from Piper's Vale Primary Academy in Ipswich win RNRMC and Raytheon UK's STEM competition with their impressive boat building skills. 

Pupils from Year 6 classes have been awarded a series of prizes for winning the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) and Raytheon UK's Float Boat Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths challenge.

The students impressed judges with their model boats in the Float Boat challenge, part of RNRMC's and Raytheon UK's STEM week, in which students learnt all about the science and engineering behind boats, ships and submarines. The activities were designed to help promote STEM learning and support young students to develop their skills and knowledge through fun and interactive activities. The STEM challenge is part of Raytheon UK’s long-term partnership with the RNRMC, launched in August this year.

The winners were chosen by a line-up of judges including international record-breaking sailor and Honorary Royal Navy Commander Dee Caffari MBE.

Caffari, the first woman in history to sail solo non-stop around the world in both directions, said: “The Year 6 class at Piper’s Vale Primary Academy are worthy winners of the RNRMC’s Float Your Boat Competition in partnership with Raytheon UK.

“For an entire class to come together and get behind the challenge of constructing not just one, but a whole flotilla of model boats is fantastic and demonstrates excellent teamwork, innovation and problem-solving skills, which will serve them well throughout their schooling and in their careers beyond,” she said.

Students at Piper’s Vale will receive 50 model build-your-own aircraft carriers to help teach them more about engineering.

Anand Chauhan, Year 6 and computing lead at Piper’s Vale Primary Academy said: “The STEM activity pack was a really useful tool for us to use with the students, who have recently returned to school. It helped us to relate to what we have been learning into real-life contexts with fun and engaging activities. Our students are delighted to have won the Float Boat competition, and we are looking forward to developing our students’ understanding of STEM in the real world.”

Raytheon UK’s long-term partnership with the RNRMC will help support Royal Navy families and drive forward STEM learning across the country. Over the next year, the partnership will see the business deliver a befriending scheme and support fundraising activities for serving members and veterans.

Adrian Bell, CEO at the RNRMC, said: “Our very first partnership project with Raytheon UK was designed to spark intellectual curiosity among children and young people from Royal Navy families, and we couldn’t be more thrilled by the response. Hundreds of families have downloaded the bespoke STEM activity booklet and the whole-class entry in our boat design challenge indicates that there may well be a healthy future ahead for British shipbuilding!”

Jeff Lewis, chief executive and managing director at Raytheon UK, said: “We are delighted that this challenge has helped inspire children to explore maths, engineering and science in real world contexts. This is part of our long-term commitment to STEM learning, as well as training and supporting the next generation. Closing the STEM skills gap is increasingly important to the UK and its future, and Raytheon UK is proud to be supporting this ambition.”

The partnership is part of Raytheon UK’s ongoing commitment to supporting and training up the next generation of engineers, scientists, and mathematicians. Raytheon UK invests in programmes, such as its flagship Quadcopter Challenge that helps to build students’ knowledge and skills in engineering principles and maths. The business also partners with educational institutes across the UK to offer education and training in areas such as cyber, so that it can help equip the next generation with skills for the future.

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