The Royal Navy operates a Payroll Giving Scheme for serving personnel whereby all proceeds are given to the RNRMC.

Over 17,500 personnel are signed up to Payroll Giving – are you?

Simply fill in the Payroll Giving Form and your agreed donation will be deducted from your gross pay before tax.

Once enrolled into the Payroll Giving Scheme you are automatically covered under our Sports Insurance Policy. If you would like a copy of the Policy, please email [email protected].

Payroll Giving for Civilians

Payroll Giving isn't just for serving personnel.

Civilians can now also utilise the ‘Give As You Earn’ scheme which operates in the same way as Payroll Giving by enabling you to donate in an easy and tax efficient way, straight from your salary or pension.

Donations are deducted before tax so for every £1 you give, the actual cost to you is just 80 pence. If you're a higher rate tax payer it will only cost you 60 pence. Whatever amount you choose to give will be paid directly to the Charity through your monthly salary. 

You can sign up to Payroll Giving online by clicking here