Seafarers Awareness Week

8 July 2019

Seafarers Awareness Week - Celebrating the Five Fighting Arms of The Royal Navy

This week is Seafarers Awareness Week. Each day, we'll be be focusing on one of the Royal Navy’s fighting arms to celebrate the challenging work that they do. 

The aim is to raise the profile of the dangers and sacrifices faced by those who work at sea whilst recognising the vital work the Naval Service does in protecting our Nation’s interest.

Day 1: For those in peril on the sea - The Submarine Service

submarine service

The Royal Navy has five fighting arms - today we recognise the Submarine Service those who have served, are serving and their families in this most challenging of environments and their brilliant achievements, from the fourteen inspiring VC holders to the unsung heroes who have assured peace through the last 50 years of Continuous at Sea Deterrence.  We salute your courage and sacrifice beneath the waves. 

submarine services


Day 2:  For those in peril on the sea – The Royal Marines

royal marines

The Royal Navy has 5 fighting arms – today we recognise the Royal Marines, the Royal Navy’s specialist amphibious infantry formed in 1664 and still going from strength to strength, with an illustrious maritime history side by side with their dark blue colleagues at sea.  We salute your endeavours by sea and by land. The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, creating a world in which our sailors, marines and their families are valued and supported for life.

royal marines


Day 3:  For those in peril on the sea – The Fleet Air Arm

fleet air arm

The Royal Navy has 5 fighting arms – today we recognise the Fleet Air Arm, the Aviation branch of the Royal Navy. Highly skilled pilots, engineers and aircrew help make it one of the most crucial parts of the service, providing the UK with influence over land, air and sea.  Aviation conducted at sea is not a trivial matter, the Fleet Air Arm have been at the forefront of innovation and exploration of the professional art of operating safely from and to warship’s for over 100 years. Yeovilton Air Day presents an opportunity for the public to learn more about their proud history and exciting future.

fleet air arm



Day 4:  For those in peril on the sea – The Surface Fleet

surface fleet

The Royal Navy has 5 fighting arms – today we recognise the Surface Fleet. The Surface Fleet forms the core of the Royal Navy. Its specialised ships, from small patrol boats to aircraft carriers, have been protecting our nation’s interests at home and abroad for over 500 years. Sailors of the Royal Navy have been instrumental in many aspects of our country’s history and no doubt it’s future to come but every day at sea provides an encounter with the unforgiving mighty ocean. 

hms dragon


Day 5:  For those in peril on the sea – The Royal Fleet Auxiliary


Today we recognise the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) which is the uniformed civilian branch of the Naval Service, which is staffed by UK merchant sailors. Its job is to provide global logistical and operational support across a range of tasks, from warfighting and counter-piracy to humanitarian missions and disaster relief. The RFA regularly deploy with detachments of Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel embarked in specialist roles.