The HMS Illustrious Association was formerly known as the "Old Illustrians’ Association" and was formed by a group of wartime Old Boys who were invited on board the 5th ILLUSTRIOUS on 9 September 1983.
The Association’s first meeting was held in T.S. De Trafford, Stretford, on 3 December 1983.

The Association’s name was changed to the "HMS ILLUSTRIOUS ASSOCIATION" at the 1996 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in an attempt to encourage membership from the 5th Illustrious. The Association has been running successfully for over 25 years, but in order for the Association to continue to flourish, is was becoming ever more apparent that the Association needed to have more members from the latest ship, Illustrious 5.

For every new member that the HMS Illustrious Association gains, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity will receive £1 of their membership fee, we are delighted to announce.

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