Why Nelson’s Company?

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson is one of Britain’s most heroic figures. A naval captain by the age of 21 and a household name throughout Europe at 39, he possessed a gift for naval warfare and was noted for his inspirational leadership. The Battle of Trafalgar was Britain’s greatest Naval victory.

Nelson did not win his victories alone. He gathered round him a succession of often brilliant captains to put his bidding into action. Nelson’s Company has been formed by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, to bring together like-minded supporters of the senior service to ensure that we are successful in our mission: a world in which our sailors, marines and their families are valued and supported, for life.

Joining Nelson’s Company as a steadfast supporter is a rewarding way to provide targeted, practical support and help ease the pressures that service life brings. Nelson’s Company fully recognises that when one person joins, the whole family serves.

There are many special benefits to becoming a member of Nelson’s Company, which include diverse event opportunities, a gold lapel pin, a regular newsletter and a greater connection with today’s fleet and personnel.