KIDS are a national charity, founded over 47 years ago, providing a wide range of support services to disabled children, young people and their families. The charity supports children with any disability from birth to 25 years of age whilst offering support to families with the aim of giving disabled children a brighter future.

The case study featured below outlines just one of the many examples of how RNRMC funding has helped children from naval families. 

KIDS Fareham & Gosport - Young Carers

Supported by funding from the RNRMC, Lizzie is a 12-year-old young carer with two younger sisters. One of her sisters, Louisa has severe learning disabilities, partial blindness, being non-verbal and wheelchair bound. Her dad is in the Royal Navy and is currently working in Plymouth leaving her to look after her 2 younger sisters. Her mum is often busy looking after the youngest of her three children, leaving Lizzie to care for Louisa.

Louisa dislikes being on her own so there is no ‘chill time’ for the family. Lizzie not only helps out with Louisa but she also has to step in and help with her youngest toddler sister too.

Lizzie's mum wrote the following about Young Carers:

“Lizzie has been attending Young Carers for over a year now. It has been a place for her to get away and just be HER! With Lizzie having a disabled sister and also a father in the Navy, it is sometimes a lot for a young girl to take in and all the extra responsibilities can be overwhelming. Young Carers has given Lizzie the opportunity to meet other children in very similar situations, making her aware that she is not the only one!

She has been on many fabulous well organised trips that would never have been possible. She enjoys meeting up on a Tuesday evening and having snacks and fun and knows that she can talk about what is going on in her life and not be judged. Young Carers and all the workers involved have made Lizzie a happier and more confident person.”

Lizzie was also asked for feedback:

“I can actually relax and not get stressed all the time, it is good I can get away. Trips give me opportunities we (as a family) don’t get to do, like days out with Louisa. I like it that you get to meet new people and you don’t feel alone.”