Victory Walker Jane Allen reaches 4,000-mile mark

16 January 2019

Travelling around the Great British coastline, Jane Allen started the first leg of her solo long-distance walk in Portsmouth in October 2017 and has just completed 4,000 miles having recently crossed the Welsh border.

To mark her close involvement with WRNS100, and her retirement from the Royal Naval Reserve, Commander Jane Allen decided to undertake this solo anti-clockwise charity walk around the coastline of mainland Britain.

Having now completed over 4,000 miles, Jane will now continue to walk across the length of Wales as she approaches the English border, which will commence the final leg of her incredible walking challenge.

This isn't the first milestone that Jane has reached on her epic journey, you can see whereabouts in Great Britain Jane was at each of the 1,000-mile marks below:

1,000 miles - Skegness

2,000 miles - Wick, East Scotland

3,000 miles - Campbeltown, West Scotland

4,000 miles - Wales

To see the full route, click here 

We will continue to keep you up to date with Jane's epic 5,000-mile journey around the Great British coastline throughout 2019.

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