Victory Walker inspires young female sailors

10 July 2019

Retired Commander, Jane Allen made a pit stop at RNAS Culdrose to inspire young female sailors during the Cornwall leg of her around the UK charity walk.

Jane took a short break from her round-Britain solo walk to talk to a group of young female sailors all about her inspirational adventures:

"If you are on a mission, you've got to finish it. You can't give up. It is all about mental application. All of you have got it in you, you just have to remain positive and get on with it," Jane told them.

Jane Allen talks to young female sailors

Jane also spoke to the young women about the WRENS who "...pushed the boundaries during the past 100 years to make opportunities for females today."

Jane decided to undertake the walk around the coast of mainland Britain to mark her retirement from the Royal Naval Reserve and to mark the Centenary year of women’s service in the Royal Navy. Starting and finishing at HMS Victory in Portsmouth, Jane’s walk aims to raise money for two important Naval charities; the Women’s Royal Naval Service Benevolent Trust and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. More information can be found at: