Through Life Committee Approve Over £1.3M In 2021

26 November 2021

Last week the RNRMC’s Through Life Committee met for the final time in 2021. The RNRMC Through Life Pathway tackles the unique set of pressures faced by those who serve and their families and preventing these from escalating by providing a safety net in the form of relationship support, mental health services, help in transitioning from the Service, and support which provides dignity and care for veterans in old age. 

In the latest meeting, the Committee agreed to fund five applications with bids totaling £146,803 in value. In addition, three funding programme bids were viewed, committing a further £155,000 to supporting the Royal Navy community. 

Over the course of the year, the RNRMC and its funding partner, Greenwich Hospital, have spent a total of £1,375,427, forming partnerships with new organisations and strengthening existing ones. Among those who have received funding via the TLC in 2021 are, Veterans Aid, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, Walking with the Wounded and Ripple Pond 

Chair of the Committee, Kate Phipps-Wiltshire, said: 

The organisations funded through this Committee provide crucial support for our serving personnel, their families and veterans.  Thanks to everyone, those who assess and consider every grant application, our funding partner, Greenwich Hospital, and the organisations we fund, for all they have done this year to support our naval community.

Kate Phipps-Wiltshire