Supporting Those In Need Around The World

3 December 2020

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) exists to support all Royal Navy sailors, marines, and their families, for life. While most of these beneficiaries are in the UK, the RNRMC is also there for the many serving personnel, families and veterans who live all over the world. 

For several years the RNRMC have worked closely with the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL) to ensure that members of the Royal Navy family in Commonwealth nations are looked after. The RCEL help ex-Service men and women who served The Crown, and their widows, who are now in need. Many Commonwealth ex-service personnel live in challenging conditions, often below the poverty line. In the last year, the RNRMC have funded vital aid for 52 members of the Royal Navy family across 28 countries and have recently awarded a grant of £30,000 to continue this support. 

The latest grant will help individuals like Mr Rodrigo, who lives in Columbo, Sri Lanka with his wife who cares for him. Mr Rodrigo served with the Royal Naval Police from 1943 to 1956 in Ceylon and now aged 94 is in very poor health and has great difficulty communicating. The RCEL provide two meals a day to Mr Rodrigo, a critical lifeline for him. Thanks to ongoing support from the RNRMC, those who have served in the Royal Navy family are looked after and not left without access to the most basic of needs. 

Mr Rodrigo and his wife
Mr Rodrigo and his wife