Supporting Non-UK and Commonwealth Personnel and their families this May.



Non-UK and Commonwealth personnel face unique challenges when integrating into life in the UK, including navigating legal complexities, cultural adaptation, and in some cases dealing with separation from loved ones in their home countries. These challenges can significantly impact mental health and overall well-being. The initiatives funded by RNRMC, and the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, are designed to address these specific needs, providing tailored support to help mitigate stress and enhance mental health. 


Sophie Raza has completed over 100 hours of training, including an OISC Level 1 course in December 2023, to enable her to assist serving personnel and their families with their immigration journeys. 


You can contact the immigration team at NFF by email at: 


Aggie’s network of Pastoral workers spans the UK and are there to listen to you and your family, offer comfort, support and encouragement and signpost you when needed. 


Mental Health Awareness Month is a crucial time to highlight the importance of mental well-being, especially for those who face additional challenges due to their immigration status. We are dedicated to continuing to commission support services in answer to identified needs to ensure that all RN, RM and RFA personnel and their families can thrive, both mentally and emotionally and are grateful for AFCTF funding to support us doing so.

Dominique Rawlings, Commissioning Manager at RNRMC.