Royal Navy Winter Sports Festival round up

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29 January 2024
The Results are in! What a journey it has been for those who attended and raced during the Royal Navy Winter Sports Festival. We wanted to say a huge congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who competed. It’s been a pleasure following the events over the past two weeks and I look forward to next year.

The results for the telemark parallel sprint, sponsored by RNRMC. 

Women’s Classic Novice

🥇Lt Cdr Matilda Woodard, HMS Pegasus

Men’s Classic Novice

🥇Sub Lt Jonathan James, HMS Scotia

🥈Mne Colin Myles, 43 Cdo RM

🥉Mne Andrew Milne, 42 Cdo RM

Women’s Classic Championship 

🥇AB Giorgina Altham, HMS King Alfred

🥈Lt Cdr Kate Retallick, HMS Pegasus

🥉MA Tezney Murphy, CLR

Men’s Classic Championship

🥇Mne Ollie Wotton, 42 Cdo RM

🥈AET Matthew Deane, 820 NAS

🥉Lt Cdr Ramsey Shaw, SDA

If you have any pictures of the event you would like to share, please send them to or tag us on our social media 


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