Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Launches New Fund With The Submarine Service

17 April 2020

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) has joined forces with the Royal Navy Submarine Service and existing Submarine Service organisations to establish the RNRMC Submarine Fund (SMF) 

Officially launched on 3 April and created under the umbrella of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC), the RNRMC-SMF will draw expertise from all elements of the submarine service family.   

With representatives from the various submarine charitable organisations - Submariners Association, We Remember Submariners, the Perisher Club and Friends of the Submariner Museum, the fund will deliver help and support to serving and veteran members of the Submarine Service and their families.   



CEO of the RMRMC, Adrian Bell said: 

"I am delighted to welcome this initiative. The Submariners are demonstrating how communities can and are helping themselves; the SMF model may influence how other specialisations and the RNRMC will evolve in developing closer ways of working." 

Chairman of the SMF, Rear Admiral John Weale CB OBE said:

"The RNRMC-SMF represents the first occasion when the different ‘charity family’ members from across the Submarine Community have aligned to enable the delivery of support to the submarine family under the umbrella of the RNRMC’’.  

"With the help and expertise of the RNRMC and members of the Submarine Community, all submariners will benefit from the shared management of the RNRMC-SMF.  Members will be able to apply for grants and support from both the RNRMC and RNRMC-SMF who in turn can access wider support from other Service Charities and organisations" 

In addition to welfare support, the fund will also look to maintain the submarine ethos, maintain morale and provide a single focus for the development and preservation of Submarine Service heritage for the benefit of current, veteran as well as future generations of submariners and their families. 

Information about grant applications and donations can be made via either the RNRMC website or direct from the respective SMF Board organisations. Donations, direct debits and/or bequests can be made direct to the RNRMC specifying donations are specifically for the 'Submarine Service' or 'RNRMC-SMF.'

There is no intent for the SMF to replace any of the existing organisations but rather to support and enhance their ability to deliver the agreed objectives for members and dependants of the Submarine community.   

*The RNRMC is only able to process either RNRMC general donations or RNRMC-SMF (Submarine Fund) donations. We are unable to split either one-off donations or regular donations between these two funds. If you are making a one-off donation to the RNRMC-SMF, choose 'Submarine Fund' from the drop down menu on the donation form.

If you are setting up a fundraising page, you must notify the RNRMC beforehand that all donations will be restricted to the RNRMC-SMF before donations start being received. Thank you.