RNRMC meets with future Naval leaders

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17 October 2019

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity welcomed this term’s Commanding and Executive Officer Designate Course today for a series of briefings which are designed to update and refresh the course on How their Charity can support and help them and their Ship’s Companies and families when they take up their Command positions. 

Adrian Bell CEO welcomed the Course and said, “Time in Command will be busy and challenging but please don’t forget your Charity is by your side to help you and your people and their families particularly when you are deployed”. 

Captain Mike Wood who is heading to command HMS Protector, the Royal Navy’s Ice Patrol Ship said,  “Throughout my career I have seen the great work the Charity does and it will be both comforting and useful to have the Charity by our side whilst my team are deployed to Antarctica”. 

Commander Tim Leeder who will be the new CO of HMS Severn an Offshore Patrol vessel said, "Having just completed a stint in the Headquarters it will great to return to sea I have seen at first hand how the Charity helps our people and it is really good to know they are always by our side for the serving personnel, our families and our veterans."

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