The RNRMC funds ‘Christmas Welfare Packages’ for the sailors and troops that were on duty in support of OP KIPION

11 January 2024

go karting



Our January was made much brighter when we received thanks from the sailors and troops who were on duty supporting OP KIPION over the Christmas period and had benefitted in some way from the ‘Christmas Welfare Packages’ we funded. These packages included a range of events and activities, from go-karting to camel racing!   




 Comments from the sailors and troops include:

“Thoroughly enjoyed the whole Christmas period and thanks to the RNRMC was able to partake in excursions outside the base which were an absolute highlight of the festive season. Thank you!”- AB Capon 


“The Go-karting was something I had wanted to do since I arrived here and without the support of the RNRMC would not have been able to take part. It made my Christmas!” – AB Dams 


“I went to the mosque and the tree of life. It was a fantastic opportunity to see these cultural and historic sites that I thoroughly enjoyed.” – PO Kydd 


“Going to the Spa provided much needed respite to the demanding jobs out here and the service men and women that attended all felt that it was an experience not to be missed. Thanks to the RNRMC our Christmas was filled with the joy and laughter that we missed from home” – LH Riley