RNRMC Continue Support For Wounded, Injured and Sick

Beneficiary, Grants
4 October 2021

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) works closely with Hasler Naval Service Recovery Centre (NSRC) to support the recovery of Wounded, Injured and Sick personnel. The RNRMC recognisies the importance of supporting Hasler company in their vital work to help recuperate WIS personnel and prevent disengagement from the Service. 

Hasler Naval Service Recovery Centre is designed to professionally command, co-ordinate and administer a bespoke recovery pathway for each assigned rank and to provide effective assistance and support to them and their families. The RNRMC provides grant funding to Hasler for items such as specialist wheelchairs, support for speech & language therapy, art therapy sessions, as well as respite breaks to aid recovery.  

During the period 14 – 17 Sep 2021, the RNRMC supported Ex Country Retreat 3, which provided 12 Wounded, Injured and Sick Service Personnel (WIS SP) from the Royal Navy Recover Centre (RNRC) Hasler a respite break at Pentillie Castle, Cornwall. The break gave individuals an opportunity to take time out from the daily routine of rehabilitation within HMS Drake and focus on the development of personal goals relevant to their own bespoke recovery pathway. 

The week included numerous activities designed to enhance the wellbeing of the WIS SP whilst also building self-confidence. These activities comprised of yoga, clay Pidgeon shooting, group therapy sessions and coaching.

Hasler WIS

CPO Sid Street commented: 

"The time spent at Pentillie was so relaxing. It proved to be completely rejuvenating and refreshing. Being around like-minded people with similar illness or disability helps you to put your own mind into perspective. I will take away the strength brought by others, and the calmness of such a tranquil venue" 

LH Dean Nixon commented:  

“Exercise Country Retreat 3 was a great opportunity to get away from military life, relax and socialise with other members of RNRC Hasler. I believe everyone who went had a great time and left feeling better, physically and mentally. Thank you to the RNRMC for supporting this event”.  

LH Sarah Warren Commented: 

“The week gave me a much needed opportunity to relax. I’m forever being told to slow down and give my body chance to recover, being at Pentillie enabled me to do just that. The grounds are stunning, everyone was so nice and understanding. I was able to reflect, have headspace to think and relax without feeling guilty, which is something I really struggle with. It was the least stressed and most relaxed I’ve been in a long time”.

Hasler WIS