Quality of Life Committee Approve Over £70K In April Meeting

29 April 2022

The RNRMC’s Quality of Life Grants Committee have agreed to commit £70, 238 of charity funds during this week’s meeting. Made up of various ranks and rates from across the service, the committee meets four times a year to make decisions about major funding applications that seek to improve the lived experience of our sailors, Marines and their families.

The RNRMC supports projects that alleviate some of the challenges that service life brings, with the aim of preventing or limiting potential issues further down the line. 

All bids are thoroughly scrutinised by the committee to ensure that they meet the correct criteria for funding. Three major bids were presented in April’s meeting and both received full approval. These projects will provide upgrades to Royal Navy facilities and establishments and supply equipment that supports the wellbeing of serving personnel.  

In addition to the major grants, the committee also agreed to fund a new award to recognise excellence and hard work during training.