HMS Neptune Mess Members Raise £1,500 For RNRMC

28 January 2022

The RNRMC want to thank the WOs, SRs & SNCOs Mess at HMS Neptune for a donation of £1,500 made at the end of 2021. This generous donation was thanks to the dedicated fundraising efforts of the Mess members, staff and guests, led by WO1 Mac McLoughlin Mess President and supported by PO Anthony ‘Reggie’ Perrin, Mess Charity Representive ,Tracy Lafferty (ESS) Mess Manager and Jade Ross Mess Treasurer. 

This is by no means the first donation that the RNRMC has received from HMS Neptune’s WOs, SRs & SNCOs Mess. Every year the Mess President ensures the committee supports the RNRMC. Throughout the year numerous fund-raising activities are held to support the nominated charity. Despite a difficult 2021, Mess Fund raising events included raffles and collections. The total donated to the RNRMC was supplemented by ‘fines’, or rather a few willing donations for misdemeanors like breaking military etiquette, customs and traditions.



Mess President, WO1 WESM Mac McLoughlin said: 

“The RNRMC is dedicated in supporting sailors, marines and their families. Being able to give something back to the charity during these difficult times, makes us feel particularly gratified. This donation of £1500 is thanks to the generosity of mess members, staff, and guests. We will continue to support the RNRMC every year for the fantastic support they provide.”