Aggies Help Portsmouth Families Get Crafty

13 September 2021

Founded in 1876, Aggie Westons is a charity with plenty of experience supporting the Royal Navy. ‘Aggies’ is a key member of the family of naval charities and as such, RNRMC grants help fund many of their services for serving members of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and their families. 

While the RNRMC have provided significant funding support to Aggies’ day-to-day pastoral work, small grants for additional services and events can make a difference too. In order to respond to need rapidly, the RNRMC distribute hundreds of small grants every year across the Royal Navy community for a vast range of activities and events.  

Following the relaxation of COVID restrictions in early summer 2021, Aggies’ Portsmouth team were keen to expand their summer provision to the local community. To help enable this, the RNRMC provided funding for a crafting event, which took place close to local Service Family Accommodation. Families from across Portsmouth were able to enjoy time getting creative with other service families in a safe and supportive environment. 

Families Pastoral Worker, Alex Watts said: 

“Thank you to the RNRMC team for the prompt turnaround in providing funds. We very much appreciate all that RNRMC does in supporting these local seasonal projects – a small amount of money goes a very long way.”