24 June 2022

This week the RNRMC’s Through Life Committee met for the second time in 2022 to review bids for grant funding. The RNRMC Through Life Pathway tackles the unique set of pressures faced by those who serve and their families and preventing these from escalating by providing a safety net in the form of relationship support, mental health services and in transitioning from the Service. The pathway also deals with projects supporting issues for veterans of all ages, from health, social and employment challenges to dignity and care in old age. 

The Committee is comprised of serving Royal Navy personnel, Royal Navy veterans, naval charity partners, and sector leaders in social care and health. The Through Life Committee process bids from charities and organisations, both military and civilian, that seek RNRMC funding to support services and projects that aim to help the Royal Navy community. Bids are scored in advance of the meeting and then presented to the Committee with detailed analysis of project need, eligibility, and financial stability.  

13 bids were presented at the June meeting, eight of which were recommended for funding at a total of £203,942. In addition, £106,500 was committed to projects with a three-year partnership arrangement as part of the RNRMC’s commissioning programme designed to ensure dignity and care for veterans in old age. 

The next Through Life Committee will take place in September. For information on how to apply for a grant as an organisation please visit: www.rnrmc.org.uk/apply-grant/support-organisations