HMS Queen Elizabeth on track for first entry to Portsmouth

HMS Queen Elizabeth
7 August 2017

The new affiliate ship of The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is set to enter her new home in Portsmouth in around two weeks time.

The 65-000 tonne aircraft carrier is the biggest warship ever to be built in Britain. Since June, it has been undergoing sea trials have set sail from Scotland's Rosyth dockyard.


She is now set to make her historic arrival into Portsmouth, where she will be the latest in a long line of famous Royal Navy ships to call the port home.

Uncertain weather conditions mean the exact date of the historic arrival is yet to be confirmed, the window for entry will be anytime between the 17 August and 22nd August.


"In just two weeks' time, the most powerful warship ever built for Britain's famous Royal Navy is set to sail into her proud new home in Portsmouth" said Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon.

"HMS Queen Elizabeth‎ will be the Royal Navy's flagship for the next 50 years, keeping us safe by deploying across the seven seas, using her strike power to deter our enemies."

With only three other countries in the world building aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth will give Britain the capability to lead the way in tackling global issues in an increasingly uncertain world, from providing humanitarian relief to high-end warfighting.


And with the state-of-the-art F-35B Lightning fighter jets on track to make their first trial flights from the carrier's deck next year, the UK is now building towards delivering carrier strike capability.

Both aircraft carriers are being delivered by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance.