HMS Prince of Wales First Entry To Portsmouth

18 November 2019

On Saturday 16th November HMS Prince of Wales sailed into her homeport of Portsmouth for the first time.

Hundreds of people lined the seafront to welcome the newest of Britain’s two aircraft carriers and see the sailors stood atop the flight deck of the enormous carrier.

Captain Darren Houston, the Commanding Officer of HMS Prince of Wales, said: “Our first entry to Portsmouth represents the successful culmination of the build and sea trials period in which my ship’s company and industry partners have worked so closely together to bring HMS Prince of Wales into service with the fleet. 

"I am extremely proud of them and their families for their perseverance, patience, and extraordinary efforts.”
One of those on board who sailed into Portsmouth on board the carrier for the first time is Air Engineering Technician Ben Daniels. He said: “I feel immensely proud to be a member of HMS Prince of Wales’ ship’s company while the ship is heading into its home port for the first time.

“It is a historic moment for the Royal Navy and I am looking forward to many years of service on this incredible ship.”

HMS prince of Wales Ships Company line up on way into Portsmouth
HMS Prince of Wales first entry to Portsmouth
HMS Prince of Wales ships company
HMS Prince of Wales and Fleet Air Arm who guided her into her homeport