HMS Duncan comes home

1 October 2019

On Saturday 28th September HMS Duncan returned to HMNB Portsmouth after almost 7 months on deployment in the Mediterranean and the Gulf.

The type 45 destroyer departed Portsmouth back in March to provide aid defence for the French aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle. After which she was tasked with escorting British vessels through the Strait of Hormuz.

Saturday was a day full of celebration as HMS Duncan’s crew reunited with their families after a long deployment. Whilst at sea HMS Duncan has:

  • Travelled over 35,000 miles
  • Escorting 4 aircraft carriers
  • Protected 1 million tonnes of merchant shipping
  • Worked with 14 allied nations
  • Visited 12 ports
  • Conducted 4 defence engagements

Since 2012 the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity have provided over £30,000 of grants to HMS Duncan for mess improvements and family days to help improve the quality of life of both the ship’s crew and their families which is part of our Quality of Life pathway.

RNRMC know how hard deployment can be on service families, with loved ones often separated from each other for months at a time; this is why RNRMC regularly fund homecoming events.

Nelson and HMS Duncan RNRMC at HMS Duncan homecoming