Payroll Giving Competition winners announced

Fundraising, General
23 January 2019

In an effort to increase regular donations, the RNRMC Payroll Giving competition was run throughout 2018, between the months of January and December. 

Five prizes of £1,000 were offered to the best performing unit in each of the 5 categories, which included Surface Ships, Submarines, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Marines and Establishments. 

The ship, unit or establishment who achieved the greatest percentage increase in individuals signed up were offered the prize. This money can be creatively used to improve mess areas, organise a team-building day or pay for a BBQ and drinks!

After 12 months, the winners of the 2018 Payroll Giving Competition have been announced and are listed below:

Surface Ships: HMS Northumberland

Submarines: HMS Astute

Fleet Air Arm: 1710 NAS

Shore Establishment: BRNC Dartmouth

Royal Marines: CTCRM Lympstone

“The RNRMC Pay Roll Giving competition has come to an end and with the very generous support of all our units and establishments over the last year we  have managed to increase the take-up of payroll giving throughout the RN and break the million pound barrier, I and the team thank you all for this fantastic achievement”

Dean Rogers MBE Payroll Giving Business Development Executive at the RNRMC

Congratulations to all the winners of the RNRMC Payroll Giving Competition and thank you to all Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel who signed up to support their National Charity in 2018.