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University of Bath will host The Weekender, a residential weekend for  ages 14 – 17, of service families 2nd – 4th August.

The programme focuses on being active, having fun and learning with others, with the aim of developing confidence, skills, a love for being active, new friendships, and a sense of community for young people of service families..

14-17s are a group with specific challenges and being from a Royal Navy family adds additional and unique challenges. Royal Navy families often have to move location, and this creates a lack of stability for friendships, school, and community – the Weekender will bring together often dispersed and isolated 14-17s and our belief is that there will be a number of positive outcomes for those attending, including:

• Increased confidence
• Skills development
• A love for being active
• New friendships
• Sense of community through connecting with others

Register your interest for summer 2024
2nd – 4th August 2024

The Weekender 2023 proved great success, allowing young people to spend time with like-minded peers and get a taste of the University life. 

What have you enjoyed the most? 

The activities and the fun we had on a night with all the people at camp. It made me feel relaxed after a tough GCSE year. I want to go back next year!

Weekender Participant

100% of parents likely to recommend to others

They put up with a lot, constant moves around the country, parents away for prolonged periods, changes to school etc - the Weekender was like a reward!

Parent of a Weekender participant

Programme Summary

What the programme offers for 14-17 year olds

•An aspirational, university campus appeal

•A taste of student life

•Fun, active, engaging programme

•Led by role-models

•Opportunity for friendship

•Commonality -being with others like you

•Free Weekender stash!


The Weekender Programme includes:

•A focus on being active, having fun and learning together

•Themed sessions including Saturday afternoon Pool Party and evening ‘Survivor’ event

•Sports such as Danish Longball, a basketball/netball hybrid and Capture the Flag

•Less-active sessions such as Lock and Key, Camouflage and ‘Your choice’

•Free-time and communal activities that encourage friendship and shared experiences

•Emphasis on personal responsibility, with the opportunity to help lead activities

Why should parents encourage their young person to attend?

 •Vocational benefits –leadership, record of achievement, CV, career inspiration

•Screen-free time

•Health and well-being benefits

•Safe, secure, positive environment

•Programme provided by an experienced, trusted RN partner

•Pastoral care provided by RN connected agency

•Travel provision from main RN centres

•Low cost –significant funding from supporting partners

•A weekend without their teens! If young people are concerned about being alone or not knowing anyone, most attendees will be in the same situation! Our staff will help to break the ice and you will be in small groups that aim to build friendships.

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Who is The Weekender for?

The Weekender 2022 is specifically for young adults aged 14-17witha serving parent of the Royal Navy or Royal Fleet Auxiliary. It will give them the experience of a weekend away on a university campus with the focus on being active, having fun, getting a taste of student life and meeting like-minded friends.

We welcome people of all religious beliefs, faiths, cultures and abilities and believe that each young person attending our programmes is of equal value. The activities we run strive to provide equal opportunities for all young people whatever their race, religion, language, culture, gender, health, disability, personality or lifestyle as set out by the characteristics listed in the Equality Act 2010.

What are the dates and location of The Weekender?

Friday 05 –Sunday 07 August 2022. All activities, accommodation and dining will take place on the campus of Loughborough University, Epinal Way, Loughborough LE11 3TU. There will be no need to leave this campus at any time.

How do we get to The Weekender?

There will be ‘hub’ locations where we will collect  the  young  people and  drop  them  off.  The coach or rail transport are funded and they will be a good way to book-end the weekend, getting to know the other teens and meeting some of the supervising staff members. It will be the responsibility of the parent to arrange for their child to get to the transport hub on Friday, 05 August and to pick them up on the Sunday, 07 August.  Hubs will be determined once more  information  on  the  home  address  of  those  attending  is  known,  but  it  is  likely  to include:





How much does The Weekender cost?

The experience is being significantly subsidised by the RNRMC and other Naval charities. The cost is £80 per person to the parent. Parents are responsible for transport to and from the pickup hubs.

If a family needs help with the cost of getting their child to a hub they can speak with the Naval Children’s Charity to ask about additional financial support. A contact will be provided for this at the point of confirming attendance.

Included in the cost:

•Transport from the hub points to Loughborough and back

•Food, drinks and snacks

•Accommodation–provided in the University halls of residence with single-occupancy rooms on same-sex corridors. Staff will always be close at hand.

•Weekender stash –some really nice items!

How do I apply for a place?

 The ‘Expression of Interest’ form should be completed by 31  May in  order  to  register  your interest. This includes a short statement (2-3 paragraphs) from both the parent/guardian and the young person to describe why you would benefit from attending The Weekender. This may include things such as socialisation, being sporty and active, needing a break from home life or

meeting other teens from naval families. We ask that as much detail as possible is written in order to enable the selection panel to make an informed choice on those that will attend.

A selection panel will then meet to allocate places based on the applications and our selection criteria  (allowing  for  a  balance  between  ages,  genders,  geographical  location  and  dispersed families).Once  a  place  is  confirmed,  we  will  then  collect personal information such  as emergency contacts,   additional   needs,   disability,   mental   or   physical   health needs and   dietary requirements.

What if I have confirmed and paid for a place but am not able to attend?

You should call Kings Camps (0114 263 2160, 9-5 Mon-Fri) and we will be able to process a refund.

How do I find out more?

You can call Kings Camps (0114 263 2160, 9-5 Mon-Fri) and ask to speak to a member of the Operations team about The Weekender or email operations@kingsfoundation.org and a member of the team will get back to you.