As the Navy’s charity, we aim to boost morale and provide targeted, practical support to help ease the myriad of pressures that service and ex-service life brings. We pay for equipment to make life on board a little more comfortable. We fund initiatives to support families at home, waiting for the safe return of a loved one and provide practical help to many veterans who deserve recognition for their service.

Nelson’s Company provides steadfast regular support to help us meet the ever changing needs of today’s naval service. In return, we provide a variety of opportunities that keep Nelson’s Company members connected to today’s fleet and personnel.

Levels of giving

All our levels of support receive a quarterly e-newsletter, an invitation to an annual drinks reception and a lapel pin. There are also options to split payments monthly, quarterly or pledge an amount over several years to create steadfast support.

Below is an illustration of how regular giving amounts can work. Your support at any amount is highly valued and we are happy to create a payment schedule to suit you. By way of your gift, we will invite you to a variety of events throughout the year, to keep you connected to both the charity and the naval service.

Level Annually Quarterly Monthly Over 5 Years
Hinchinbrook £300+ £75 £25 n/a
Albermarle £1,000 £250 £83.33 n/a
Agamemnon £5,000 £1,250 £416.66 £1,000 pa
Vanguard £25,000 £6,250 £2,083.33 £5,000 pa
Victory £100,000 £25,000 £8,333.33 £20,000 pa

For more information, please contact the Head of Major Gifts via / 02393 874635