Elliot Brown

Elliot Brown is renowned for creating the most durable watches on the planet.

Selected by specialist military units and widely favoured amongst the community, the founders Ian Elliot and Alex Brown share many years in the world of extreme sports where they developed totally unique watch making skills. It’s this depth of knowledge that forms the bedrock behind their extraordinarily capable watches.

Every watch must pass a series of extraordinary tests before being deemed fit for duty, including a pressure test at 200m in water. Only then can there be certainty that every watch will withstand more than any human is capable of and it’s this fastidious approach that is so typical of everything the founders put their names to.

Proudly, Elliot Brown is the first and only British watch company to be awarded The Armed Forces Covenant Gold Standard.

Quietly, behind the scenes, they design bespoke watches for Military personnel and groups within the Security and Intelligence communities and from every bespoke project, they choose to gift a significant percentage to charity. Thanks to the popularity of these special project watches, such as the Fleet Air Arm watch, and Submariners watch projects, the Royal Navy Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) continue to receive extremely generous donations from Elliot Brown, currently totalling over £12,000.

Their most recent and wonderful donation of £8,640 has been allocated to HELP – Jim’s Story, a fund set up under the RNRMC umbrella with the aim of educating, raising awareness and providing a deeper understanding of mental health and the factors that affect wellbeing. Read more HERE.