WO1 Gary Nicolson MBE RN


Entering the Service as a Marine Engineering Mechanic, Gary Nicolson attended HMS Sultan after basic training in 1986. Drafted to the Submarine Service, he completed the Tank and headed North to join hunter-killer HMS Valiant for six months before joining HMS Courageous where he spent a happy and productive five years before leaving for Leading Rates Qualifying Course in 1992. Another five-year draft followed on HMS Vanguard with Petty Officers Qualifying Course and Leadership Course in 1999.

Gary also spent a period ashore working for the Afloat Repair Section in Faslane until selection for Chief Petty Officer. A draft to HMS Vengeance 2001 until 2002 and then next draft to HMS Vigilant until 2006. Working in the Flotilla in the ME Cell where he conducted a Ships Manager Role in Australia was a particular highlight with a follow on draft to HMS Ambush in build in Barrow.

Selected for promotion to Warrant Officer, the Appointer offered up the position of Wholeship CBRNQ on HMS Illustrious 2008-2010, this was a very happy time and Nicolson embraced the Surface Ship experience gaining many “runs ashore”. Taking the ship to refit, another draft to Faslane ensued joining the Recovery Cell where he had the most challenging of jobs since joining the RN. A draft to FOST North as the Quality Control Officer delivering Training to Future Submariners from 2012 until January 2015. Nicolson rejoined the Flotilla for a third time as the Flotilla Executive Warrant Officer and is now serving on HMS Prince of Wales as EWO from January 2016.

Finally, Gary has been Involved in RNRMC as a Trustee for the last five years and he also sits on Executive Committee Member of RNRMC Field Gun as the Trainers Representative.