The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity is pleased to announce the launch of The Diary of a Royal Marine, by Richard M. Jones. As of October, it has been agreed that The Royal Marines Charity will receive 100% of the profits from the sales of the diary.

George Cutcher was just a boy when he joined the Royal Marines in 1896 but little did he know where it would take him when he signed up. Trips around the world, gym time with future kings and the First World War battles were only the start of an eventful life. His service record is second to none, fighting in both Gallipoli and the Somme before being medically discharged. His life didn't stop there as he became a part of Kent history in the form of the Timeball Tower keeper and helping found a Lodge of the Freemasons. 

His life would have been forgotten if it wasn't for the fact he kept a unique record of his life. A diary and journal was kept giving detailed accounts of his movements during the War, newspaper cuttings backing up his stories as well as personal letters from some very important people. This was nothing compared to the other items he kept - a bayonet, trench maps, message books and photographs. 

This book gives a detailed account of Cutcher's life as both a Royal Marine and a civilian. Split into two parts, author Richard M. Jones writes about Cutcher from beginning to end and shows photographs from a very personal collection. The second part is in Cutcher's handwriting himself as the entire diary is shown to the world. 

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