The Royal Navy Officers' Charity is solely dedicated to naval officers, their family and dependants.

It makes one-off grants for those in real financial difficulty and also provides annuities and other regular funding for those with long term needs. Any member of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines Officer Family, and their respective Reserve Forces, can approach the RNOC for help with:

• Financial difficulty
• Topping up low incomes
• Funding care home and other long-term care costs
• Home adaptions and specialist equipment, including vehicles, for those with a disability
• Home renovations and decorations
• Re-training costs
• Scholarships to keep children in schools following a change in family circumstances

Established in 1739, the Royal Navy Officers' Charity is one of Britain's oldest naval charities and recently celebrated its 275th anniversary. It is also closely affiliated with the Association of Royal Navy Officers which is in turn supported by over 5,000 members.

The Royal Navy Officers' Charity
70 Porchester Terrace
London, W2 3TP

The Royal Navy Officers’ Charity is a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 207405).

T: 0207 402 5231
E: [email protected]