Rear Admiral James Parkin CBE


Rear Admiral James Parkin is a serving officer in the Royal Navy, who in almost 25 years of service, has served on operations at sea and ashore across the globe.

In his seagoing career, he has served afloat in every ocean on the planet, and commanded ships and Task Groups at sea in every rank, most recently as the Commander of the UK’s entire Littoral Strike Group. He currently works in the Royal Navy‘s Headquarters in Portsmouth, as “Director Develop”, responsible for designing and realising the Royal Navy of the future.

James Parkin became a trustee of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity in 2013, in which time he has served on the board of the Royal Navy Officers Charity, chaired the Naval Service Prizes and Awards Fund, and been a member of the charity’s Finance, Risk, and Audit Committee and the Fundraising and Marketing Committee. He is currently the senior officer, and the longest serving trustee, on the RNRMC Board of Trustees.