From 1-7 June, we will be marking Volunteers Week by focusing on some of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity's (RNRMC) volunteers.

We would like to say a huge 'Thank You' to all of our brilliant volunteers. You give up your time to help with collections, to cheer, to support and to organise fundraising activities. We find it amazing that so many of you dedicate time to helping us to support our service personnel, their families and veterans.

Meet the RNRMC Volunteers


Hi, I’m John. I started volunteering for the RNRMC when I took early retirement in 2016.  I am a veteran, having served for 8 years in the Royal Navy and then 3 years in the Royal Naval Reservist. I also have family connections with the Royal Marines, so The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity seemed the logical choice of charity to support.

Volunteering keeps me busy and I really enjoy doing something worthwhile.  We have lots of laughs and I enjoy the variety of the things I help out with, from administration work in the fundraising office, to learning how to give presentations about the charity. I am looking forward to helping out at lots of fundraising events this summer.  As well as helping the charity I also volunteer as a church warden, as a mini-bus driver for my local Lions Club and do shifts at my local community coffee shop.  Volunteering is great and I’d certainly recommend it!


I have been volunteering for the RNRMC for 7 months, I started in November 2016. 

My partner is currently serving in the Royal Navy, so it plays a huge part in our lives personally. The charity supports sailors throughout their time serving and after, and I wanted to be able to give a little back to the charity and that is why I wanted to volunteer. 

When I come in to volunteer I do various administration tasks, I have been assisting Bob with the processing of new payroll givers. And I have also been working on the VSSS and Payroll giving conversion project, which has been really successful!

Andrew Mark Rainey MBE

I started volunteering for the RNRMC whilst serving in the Royal Navy and have volunteered my services at many events over the last seven years.  I am now a Royal Navy reservist and a handy man in Devon, I use what little spare time I Have to give presentations to new recruits at the Royal Navy training establishment HMS Raleigh, I love this aspect of volunteering as I get to talk to the raw recruits and tell them all the best bits of supporting The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

Volunteering keeps me busy in my spare time but I wouldn’t swap it for anything else. I really enjoy doing something worthwhile.   Volunteering is great and I’d certainly recommend it!


Johno is ex-navy, and now works in the armoury at HMS Collingwood. While he is also charge of the maintenance of the field guns used in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Field Gun Competition he still finds the time to volunteer for the RNRMC.

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Teresa is one of our brilliant office volunteers who gives time each week to support our Fundraising team at our headquarters in Portsmouth. 

Teresa’s sons both served – Ollie in the Royal Marines and Simon in the Royal Navy.

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