Sailors dressed up as a number of different characters and figures from history for a Trafalgar Fun Run, recently held at HMS Sultan to raise valuable funds for The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

Organised for the afternoon by HMS Sultan’s own Admiral Lord Nelson for the day, Leading Physical Trainer (LPT) Ross McEvoy, the event saw around 500 personnel of all ranks and rates warm up to a routine which included the Hornpipe Dance as lead by the establishment’s own Physical Training staff.

In one of his final duties in office, Commander Mike Robertson, the Establishment’s Executive Officer, was on hand to set off the starter for the runners who took on a 5 km course containing a number of different obstacles including cargo nets and ‘Total Wipeout’ style inflatables.

Photo: Cdr Robertson gets the Fun Run underway

LPT McEvoy said: “There is a great mix of people from across the Ship’s Company out today. The Fun Run theme has really inspired everyone to get involved with raising some money for charity and to have a bit of fun.” 

On completion of the race, Captain Trevor Gulley, the Commanding Officer of HMS Sultan gave out prizes to the best dressed male and female who had taken part. The winner of the ‘best female’ was awarded for a team effort by trainees currently on the Engineering Technician Initial Career Course dressed as ‘The Pink Ladies’ from the musical Grease.

Engineering Technician Marine Engineer, Naomi Fielder from the group said: “We have had lots of fun, the obstacles were great and somehow we have managed to get round with most of our make up still in tact. It’s great to be involved with raising money for charity.”

Photo: Capt Gulley and Lpt McEvoy congratulate ‘The Pink Ladies’ on winning in the best dressed female category