We administer a large number of dedicated funds for our wide beneficiary group of serving and ex-serving sailors, marines and their families.

A summary of some of the most important funds – and who decides how much money is allocated – can be found below.

Naval Service Amenity Fund (NSAF) – Minor (under £5,000)

Any application made by serving personnel for funding a project, amenity or morale-boosting exercise with a total value of under £5,000 is judged on its merits by the Grants Administrative Assistants of the charity.

Naval Service Amenity Fund (NSAF) – Major (over £10,000)

Projects for serving personnel over £10,000 go to committee two-three times per year.

The Management Committee consists of:


  • The Chairman (RNRMC Trustee)
  • Serving Officer/Warrant Officer/Rating (RNRMC Trustee) – Vice Chairman


  • 3 x Area Representatives
  • 1 x RM Representative
  • 1 x FAA Representative
  • 1 x General Representative
  • 1 x Representative of the RN charities Organisation

In Attendance:

  • RNRMC Chief Executive/RNRMC Chief Operating Officer
  • RNRMC Finance Controller (Treasurer)/Financial Assistant
  • RNRMC Head of Grants

Minutes of these meetings are available from [email protected].

Naval Service Amenity Fund (NSAF) – Capital Projects (over £100,000)

Capital Projects in excess of £100,000 will be considered by the NSAF Management Committee and if agreed to be worthy of merit, will be passed to the RNRMC Trustee Board for consideration.  Funding for such Projects will be from the RNRMC’s General Fund; however, the RNRMC may require the NSAF to support the bid with a contribution from its own General Fund or from other funds.

Naval Service Sports Charity (NSSC)

The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF)

The Nuffield Trust for the Forces of the Crown (NT)

SSVC (Services Sound and Vision Corporation)

The Sir Donald Gosling Maritime Reserve Fund (DGMRF)

Queen Alexandra Naval Nursing Service (QARNNS)

Fleet Air Arm Benevolent Trust (FAABT)

Naval Service Prizes and Awards Fund (NSPAF)