Thank you for choosing to support The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. Your donations mean we can continue to support our sailors, marines and their families for life.

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*The RNRMC is only able to process either RNRMC general donations or RNRMC-SMF (Submarine Fund) donations. We are unable to split either one-off donations or regular donations between these two funds. All donations to the Submarine Fund (RNRMC-SMF) must be made clear by leaving a comment advising that the donation is restricted to the RNRMC-SMF / Submarine Fund.

£5 could pay for a hot meal for a homeless veteran

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£10 could pay for a caseworker to offer emotional and practical support for a naval veteran

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£25 could pay for a member of a naval family to receive counselling

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Could you join Nelson’s company?

Joining Nelson’s Company as a steadfast supporter is a rewarding way to provide targeted, practical support and help ease the pressures that service life brings. Nelson’s Company fully recognises that when one person joins, the whole family serves.

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