Located in the heart of Old Portsmouth, Company of Makers design, make and sell products inspired by the British military's influence on pop culture.

20% of all sales made using an affiliate link will be given to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. 

Company of Makers' Hotwalls studio is in the heart of Old Portsmouth and is part of the city’s historic military fortifications. This unique heritage location based in the home of the Royal Navy is the perfect inspiration for their military-inspired creations.

The purpose behind their creativity is to help fund making workshops for ex-Service personnel and their families who are struggling with life on civvy street.

Funds raised through your purchase, contribute to workshops for those members of the Armed Forces community that have struggled with the transition to civilian life.

The company's 'making workshops' help with the adjustment to civvy street, teach new skills, build confidence and assist those entering the world of work. Our participants have gone on to find work, start a new business or commence further training.

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