Type Care Home
Location Manchester
Grant Awarded £26,000
Date March 2015
Website www.broughtonhouse.com

How the charity helps veterans

Broughton House is a dual registered care home that provides both nursing and residential care in an environment which is safe, secure and respects the dignity of the ex-service men and women who reside in their care. The Home is unique in that they strive to provide care to the individuals who come to them based on medical need and not ability to pay.

Broughton House is in Salford but draws its residents from across the North West and has also had referrals as far afield as Hampshire. It is staffed by RGN’s, Care Assistants, Domestics, Physiotherapists, Administration and Maintenance personnel, who work together to meet the holistic needs of their residents.

Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity grant

In 2015, Broughton house received a grant of £26,000 from The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity which was to directly effect 13 Royal Navy and Royal Marines veterans. Inflation and increased costs continue to place a strain on the house's ability to deliver high-quality care so this grant helped greatly with £2,000 per RNRM resident. 

Charles Parkin (Charlie), Broughton House beneficiary

On the 20th July 1925, Charles Parkin was born in Yorkshire. At the rough age of 20 Charles who is known as Charlie joined the Royal Marines, during his time with the Royal Marines, he was stationed in Malta, (although he did say that he has travelled all over the world) as a Gunner/Signalman. Charlie learnt many skills whilst in the Royal Marines, he learnt how to read flash signals from people’s torches when they were in trouble, and this has meant that Charlie has saved a few people’s lives in his time at the Royal Marines. Charlie saw some conflict during his times in the Royal Marines. Charlie spent approximately 18 years in the Royal Marines, and worked in the heavy industry doing sheet metal work for both cars and planes.

When Charlie left the Royal Marines he started to work in a Brewery, and a Heavy goods vehicle driver and it is at work where he met his wife, Margaret. Charlie and Margaret went on to have two daughters, Mary and Joan. It was in 2009, when Margaret unfortunately passed away.

Charlie was also a professional swimmer for the Sharon Davies swimming club, and he also played in a darts team, where he has gained many trophies from the dart matches he and his team won.

Charlie’s health and dementia deteriorated to the point where he needed 24 hour support, and it was at this point he joined Broughton House on 1st December 2015.