Two Royal Navy Officers have now finished their epic journey across the Peruvian highlands on mopeds without the use of public roads or GPS, all whilst raising money for the RNRMC.

The journey, which they completed on 48cc 2.6hp mopeds, saw Connor and Hugo navigate from Ayacucho to Atalaya in Peru within an 8 day period. The pair had to contend with snow, desert, cliffs and rainforest and even crossing the odd river...

It wasn't plain sailing throughout the challenge, the two Royal Navy Officers encountered dodgy fuel caps, punctured tyres, seizing breaks and countless break-downs.

Despite the constant issues with the bikes which were put through their paces on a daily basis, Connor and Hugo ploughed on and were rewarded by spectacular views of the Peruvian highlands.

After 5 days, over 50 miles travelled, and nights spent sleeping in tents at the road-side, the budding explorers reached Huancayo city. This offered a momentary respite from sleeping on the floor as the two fundraisers spent a night in a hotel and made use of the comforts of the capital city of the Junín region, in central Peru. 

This also meant a proper meal, at a table, with cutlery...

Having left the city, Hugo and Connor continued on their marathon journey, only to get lost in the hours after departing. After getting out the maps and compass and finding their way back onto the planned route using farmers tracks the next hurdle was the local law enforcement.

The pair were pulled over briefly with some uncertainty over what they had done wrong. "Muy rapido!", was the response from the police, which translates to 'Very fast'. However, after showing their papers and promising to slow down, they were back on their way.

With the end in sight, the final leg of the journey was the toughest, but again the pair kept on going!

In the early hours of Thursday morning, GMT, Hugo and Connor arrived in Atalaya!

Congratulations and thank you to both Hugo and Connor for choosing the RNRMC to raise money for during your epic challenge.

We loved seeing your updates each day and the money you have raised will make a great difference to the lives of sailors, marines and their families.

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