Christmas is always a tricky time of year for those that serve. Some will be away on operations and that’s just the way it is. That’s the job. Lots of people have to work at Christmas. Although it never gets any easier to be separated from your children, for the entire Christmas period. For those not deployed, undoubtedly, they will be looking forward to some quality time at home with family and friends.

However, not everyone has a home to go to at Christmas. Serving personnel from abroad and across the commonwealth can’t always afford to make that trip and some, due to complex domestic issues or who lack a network of family or friends anywhere near to where they are based, have nowhere else to go at Christmas.

This Christmas, HMS Sultan will offer accommodation to all Royal Navy & Royal Marines personnel who find themselves in a position where they have no other accommodation arrangements.

It’s particularly important to have this facility for any vulnerable or young personnel to keep them safe. In some cases, service personnel, have effectively been ‘on the streets’ at Christmas which is what ‘OP Yule’ seeks to prevent.

HMS Sultan is preparing to be able to take in up to 30 personnel and offer safe accommodation, basic domestic facilities and a Christmas welfare package which the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity are helping to provide. This will include a Christmas gift, Christmas Crackers and a Christmas lunch, with a Cinema Voucher.

Because of your steadfast support, we can make Christmas a little more bearable for those who serve with nowhere else to go. Thank you!