HMS Sultan is the Royal Naval School of Engineering, the establishment provides world-class technical training to Royal Navy Officers and ratings from both the Marine Engineering and Air Engineering sector.

Members of the WO & SR Mess joined with refurbishment partners from The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and the Nuffield Trust for the opening, which was made possible thanks to a Government announcement in 2015 regarding LIBOR fines.

The base was pleased to unveil a "vibrant, modern and attractive WO & SR Mess" which will provide a "valuable and appealing centre of gravity for all senior ratings and warrant officers within HMS Sultan".

At present, the Mess currently has approximately 360 members and this number looks set to rise as engineering training surges over the coming years. 

Following minimal upgrades in 2003 the Mess, which is the focal point of HMS Sultan, was in dire need of structural and aesthetic improvements.

Amongst the projects included in the refurbishment, the Grand Lounge was modernised as was the Conference Room, the ladies cloakroom as well as the building of a state-of-the-art cinema room.

The establishment welcomes trainees from the Army, RAF and RFA as well as a multitude of civilian organisations.  As a result, HMS Sultan has become a centre of excellence for engineering within the UK.

A state-of-the-art cinema was built as part of the refurbishment

The Royal Navy actively promote HMS Sultan as a welcoming and positive environment to attract the highest quality technical instructors; the recent refurbishment will go a long way to help reinforce and demonstrate how valued this cadre of naval senior ratings is.

Base Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer 1 Jason ‘Mo’ Morris said: “This refurbishment has allowed us to drag the Mess from the 1990s into the modern day. We’ve now provided more facilities during the daytime for the classes including revision areas and the bar has also been upgraded.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The classes are using it more during the day time and attendance at Mess events is also on the up. “

“Now that is a nice place to be, people don’t want to sit in their cabins so much but actually come out to the Mess, which has got to be a positive. It’s also a much more pleasant environment to bring families into during the weekend.”

Regarding the project at HMS Sultan, The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity’s Chief Executive Officer Robert Robson said: ““Our aim with this project, alongside our partners, was to produce a modern ‘home from home’ that members of the mess can enjoy. We wanted to place a real emphasis on the unsung heroes and the families. Working with others we have delivered a great result and one I know that is having a really positive impact. The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity exists to value and support our sailors, marines and their families, this project exemplifies these values.”

Scroll down for photos from before and after the refurbishment 

The Ladies Cloakroom - Before

The Ladies Cloakroom - After

Conference Room - Before

Conference Room - After

Grand Lounge - Before

Grand Lounge - After