Whilst embarking upon a 30 day sea period, the Ship’s Company of HMS Scott were offered the opportunity by Command to raise money for The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity in a traditional beard growing competition. 

With the ship's company being very aware of the assistance and support provided by RNRMC, 16 came forward for the competition entry fee of £10 in hand. 

With initial rules to grow full sets that could then be trimmed the day prior to judging, prizes were available for the best, worst, funniest and best-styled beard. 

Lt Cdr Marsh fell by the wayside claiming he needed to feel clean again but 15 remained in what appeared to be a very uclose competition.  Some competitors proved remarkably hair-free, however, the 15 powered through the scruffy and itchy phase such that by the end of the competition a few had achieved a relatively “full set”.

To the prize giving then, the executive judging panel comprising of Lt Kerry Woollard (HM1), POWtr Nikki Sweet and LMA Jade Morris carefully scrutinised and assessed all competition chins and awarded the best overall beard to AB Joel Price.  Newly 21, the youngster had grown a fine set and was thoroughly deserving of the prize. 

Cdr Nick Foster, the CO, had attempted an experimental approach by styling curves into a rather dense but white set giving a Kelsey Grammer-esque appearance and earning the best-styled Beard award. 

Leading Seaman Andy ‘Apples’ Mabin walked away with the Funniest Beard prize for his peculiar moustache (facial hair didn’t actually grow anywhere else!) which left one of the Ship’s Navigating Officers, Lt Stu Lee, with the award for the Worst Beard – if you look really closely at the pictures you might just make out something resembling hair on his chin!

Whilst providing a great deal of humour for the Ship’s Company throughout the leg, the team was very pleased to be able to donate £160 to RNRMC who support the ship through annual donations to the Ship’s Welfare Fund and had recently provided funds for a new projector onboard.

Thank you to everyone on HMS Scott who took part, some bushy beards and a full-bodied fundraising total.