The RNRMC successfully secured £1.5m from the very last round of Armed Forces Covenant which was funded by the Chancellor using Libor funds.

The £1.5 million LIBOR grant, to be spent over three years, was confirmed in November 2017.

The grant will be used to support the whole Naval family: both the serving member through improvements to the appearance, appeal and comfort of communal mess and leisure spaces and their family through projects which help combat isolation during long periods of separation.

Mandy Lindley, Head of Grants at the RNRMC said: “We’re thrilled to have received this Libor funding, which will help us to realise a number of aims. Specifically, we will use the money at shore establishments where the need is greatest to replicate tried and tested projects.” 

“This includes upgrades to Junior Rates communal recreational spaces, which can also be used for children and family activities; provision of short-term family accommodation primarily to support single parents of separated families with access visits; and refurbishment of tired and out of date community spaces.”

This is the second grant that the RNRMC has received from LIBOR and will be used in much the same way to accelerate delivery of significant projects. Earlier funds were used to initiate the refurbishment of the Drumfork community centre at Faslane; to kick off the Relate project and to pilot a volunteering project to help tackle social isolation.