Cries of "he's behind you!" and "oh, yes it is!" filled the Senior Rates and Warrant Officer's Mess of HMS Excellent, Whale Island, during a performance of the Christmas classic panto Dick Whittington, put on by the British Forces Foundation (BFF) using funding from The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC).

The comedic panto brought tears to the eyes of dozens of Serving personnel and their children at the show, held on 25 November, who wrote to the Charity to speak of how entertaining the show's performers were - and how grateful they were for the emotional lift in the run up to Christmas.

"There had been a lot of hard work that had gone into the show itself, especially as there was only five of them altogether," said theatregoer S. Lothian. "They were always smiling and getting involved with children before and in the interval. [There was] a lot of comedy. They say the old one's are the best, and the children loved them. There was also a bit of magic thrown in for good measure as well."

One of the show's younger viewers, Marie Noble, aged 9, agreed, saying that "it was really cool".

The partnership between the RNRMC and BFF has seen similar shows taken all across the globe; most notably in battlezones such as Afghanistan. Consecutive years of grant-making to the BFF has enabled singers such as Katie Melua and Ed Sheeran ​to perfom to thousands of deployed troops overseas.