New partnering agreements have been signed today (Friday) formally sealing the thriving relationship between the Royal Navy in Plymouth and its charity of choice, The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC).

Two partnering agreements to document the ongoing relationship between the Royal Navy and the charity were signed. Captain Gary Pettitt (Captain of Devonport Naval Base) and Captain Justin Hughes (of Devonport Flotilla) on behalf of Commander of the Naval Base, Commodore Graeme Little and the Commodore of the Devonport Flotilla, Commodore Richard Farrington joined the Vice Admiral Sir Richard Ibbotson (Chairman of the RNRMC), in symbolically marked their ongoing commitment.

The agreements were signed at Cdre Little’s official house in the naval base representing a shared vision for the future, with the well-being of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines and their families placed at centre stage.

Commodore Little said: “This partnership sets out the way by which the Royal Navy in Devonport and The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity will work together to improve the lives of all those who serve, or have served, and their families. The Charity has come a long way in a short period and is very important to the Royal Navy.  I am confident that in establishing this close relationship we will increase awareness, identify opportunities and provide support to our people. For me it is about giving The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity the platform within the Naval Base to improve the lives of our people.’’

Photo: L2R Vice Adm Richard Ibbotson, Capt Justin Hughes, Capt Gary Pettitt at RNRMC partnership signing 2014

Since its inception, the RNRMC priority has been people. The Charity exists solely to enhance the conditions for, and well-being and morale of, personnel of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines while supporting their families and caring for the veteran community.

Admiral Ibbotson said: “The Partnering Agreement with HMNB Devonport and the Devonport Flotilla marks a renewed focus for the Royal Navy and the Charity in the region. The Charity already provides vital funds for every ship, submarine and commando unit that deploys from Plymouth. It also awards grants to locally based organisations like Hasler Company – a unit dedicated to the specific and complex needs of seriously injured and ill Royal Marines – and the Plymouth Drake Foundation for its community based initiatives such as swimming clubs and childcare for Service children. 

He continues: “With this Partnering Agreement we will continue to work hand-in-hand with the Royal Navy to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes for the Service personnel and the families that call Plymouth home.” 

The charity’s Chief Executive Robert Robson said: “This is the beginning of a new future for the charity. We are now also looking to forge new corporate partnerships and grow the existing partners such as the Carrier Alliance.’’

The Charity's journey

The Navy Board’s preferred charity has come a long way since its inception in 2007. Over the past seven years, over 70 charities, funds and trusts have converged for the benefit of their beneficiaries and together they form the RNRMC Group, distributing over £7.3m in grants last year.  Beneficiaries in Plymouth include HMS Sutherland, Hasler Company, and HMS Montrose, to help improve the life on board ships, support families of deployed personnel and help the recovery of injured troops.

Commodore Farrington adds: “It’s a great pleasure to work ever more closely with The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. I shall be encouraging all under my command to display their leadership qualities and to devise engaging and morale-boosting fundraising activities, particularly for their future deployments, in aid of the Charity.” 

Captain Hughes said the charity was helping commanders ease the pressures on naval service personnel who were under increasingly higher operational tempo.

With the Partnering Agreement in place the Royal Navy and its principal charity – The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity – have defined and accelerated their relationship and look forward to forging a future together for the benefit of all involved.