Two thrill-seeking fundraisers aboard HMS Somerset have successfully raced to the top of Gibraltar Rock on behalf of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC).

Leading Regulator Alex Llewellyn, of the Royal Navy Police, and Regulating Petty Officer Lee Whittaker, completed the infamous 2.7 Mile Gibraltar Rock Race in January, during a short stopover for the Type 23 frigate.

Time nor experience was on the pair’s side, Alex revealed in an update to the RNRMC, as the duo had to muster promptly at 630am to get the challenge out of the way before the ship set sail.

“We knew we would not be the fastest to reach the top as we both enjoyed a very good Christmas,” he said, hinting that the little time to prepare.

Regardless, this was not going to stop them reaching the top, and – after donning matching bank robber outfits – the pair managed to race more than 1,250ft uphill in under an hour.

Alex insisted this time would have been less, should they not have taken a “wrong turn” near the summit.

“We finally crossed the finish line in 47 minutes (37 if you take off the ten!) and still not in last place either,” he said.

“We sat down and started to regain our breath. Taking in the view - and looking down the rock seeing how small the ship was lit up at the bottom of the rock - we both shared a real sense of achievement of what we had completed.”

One down, two to go

The completion of the task marks the first of three challenges that Alex and Lee are tackling over the coming months of HMS Somerset’s deployment.

The next challenge will see them bike riding a large distance across unfamiliar terrain, followed by a tag team marathon towards the end of their deployment.

You can follow Alex and Lee’s progress on their Facebook page and donate to their challenge via their Virgin Money Giving fundraising page.

The RNRMC will be following their efforts throughout and will providing updates through its news page.