Jubilation Christmas Special

Written by: Olga Thomas

Performed by: ‘Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Band Portsmouth (Royal Band), Conducted by Lieutenant Colonel Nick Grace OBE RM, Principal Director of Music Royal Marines

Album Release Date: 2nd December 2016

Label: Chevron Recordings

Jubilation is a beautiful classical album by world-renowned composer Olga Thomas and arranged and recorded by Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Band Portsmouth. This album was originally released in the Summer but now includes three Christmas Carols to be re-released as ‘Jubilation Christmas Special’ on the 2nd December. 

Olga Thomas has spent many years donating her time, energy and creative musical craftsmanship on behalf of the charity Cruse Bereavement Care. Cruse began a unique music programme, a tradition to give their patron, Her Majesty The Queen special gifts of music composed by Olga to commemorate the important events in the life of the Royal Household.

Several of her pieces have been presented to Her Majesty The Queen. These include ‘Themes of Life and Glory’, a tribute to The Queen Mother, ‘Celebration’, an orchestral piece written to mark the marriage of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Olga also wrote the anthem ‘Jubilation’ for the Diamond Jubilee, performed by Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Band Portsmouth (Royal Band). They have also recorded ‘Royal Lullaby’, a gift for Prince George as well as ‘Lullaby for Princess Charlotte’.


The album also includes some special guest vocalists including Classic FM presenter and Welsh Tenor Wynne Evans who sings vocals on the single ‘Jubilation’ and Rising star of the classical world British Soprano Emily Haig who provides the vocals on both Royal Lullaby tracks, her perfect pitch complements this track beautifully.

Olga’s career has been filled with highlights, from not only her work for Royalty but also with some of Hollywood’s glittering elite. She was commissioned to compose a song for The Douglas Family to celebrate Kirk Douglas’s 90th birthday, written in the Palm Springs home of Clarke Gable, which is also where she found the inspiration for ‘Themes of Life and Glory’, which was written for the Queen Mother.

The additional three Christmas themed bonus tracks were composed by Olga with the lyrics written by Adam Ferguson. They feature Pilgrims Pre-Prep School whose choir, made of 30 plus 5-6-year-olds performed so wonderfully on Rudolph’s Christmas and Road to Bethlehem. The last track is Anno Domini, performed by Soprano Emily Haig, whose expressive vocals and graceful performance simply dazzle. 

All proceeds of this album will be split equally between Cruse Bereavement Care and The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC). 

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Track Listing 

1. Jubilation 
2. Thank You Very March I
3. Love Song
4. Royal Wedding (Celebration)
5. Themes of Life and Glory 
6. Royal Lullaby (a Lullaby for Prince George)
7. Tribute
8. Restoring Hope
9. Regent’s University London Theme 
10. Lullaby for Princess Charlotte
11. Thank You Very March II 
12. Insecurity Alert (Luvvie’s Lament) 
13. Christmas by Royal Candlelight (Road To Bethlehem)
14. Christmas by Royal Candlelight (Rudolph’s Christmas)
15. Christmas by Royal Candlelight (Anno Domini) 

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