The HMS Neptune Special Needs Support Group held a Family Event at the Glasgow Science Centre on 12 October funded by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) and organised by Group Leader Wendy Quinn. 

There were 30 members from Naval families on the trip who all thoroughly enjoyed the day. Events such as this are extremely important in enabling families who face similar challenges to talk and share their experiences, says Warrant Officer 2 ET(WESM) David Wynne.

The events are also crucial because there are some families who feel they may not be able to attend regular events due to a lack of awareness and understanding of the issues they face.

Sometimes it may look to the average person that a child is giving their parent a hard time, when in fact the child is having a hard time, David explains.

"Many things may trigger difficult behaviour or extreme reactions (meltdowns) e.g. the environment, noise, smells, social situations etc, but being in a group which understands removes the pressure and often some embarrassment."

During the visit the families and children were able to take part in many practical activities and experiments and absolutely loved the planetarium show ‘Space Explorers’ during which the visitors all took a trip around the Solar System, visiting specifically Mars and Saturn. This event also enabled a group member, Emma Trotter, to travel over to from Rosyth to finally meet up face to face with the rest of the group and not have to chat using social media. Emma commented after the event that her son hadn’t stopped talking about the day and couldn’t wait to return. 

"These important events wouldn’t be possible without the support of the RNRMC and we’d like to offer a huge amount of thanks from all our group members," said David.