WO1 Mac McLoughlin recently presented a cheque for £400 to Rebecca Saunders, Regional Fundraiser and Volunteers Advisor for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC).

WO1 McLoughlin and Pete Murray-Jones raised the money by offering visiting MoD personnel guided tours of the WWII Tunnels. The tours are conducted on a voluntary basis in their spare time and rather than charge for the tunnel tours they accept optional charity donations.

Photo L to R: PO Reed, CPO Scaife, Rebecca Saunders, WO1 McLoughlin, LH Moore and Lt Cdr Southwood

Life on the rock

Rebecca, who was visiting Gibraltar to raise awareness of the RNRMC, was delighted with the donation: "My visit to Gibraltar has reminded me of how unique life ‘on the rock’ is and how important the enduring relationship of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines is there. 

"This type of fundraising by current Royal Navy and MOD personnel is vitally important in helping us to support sailors, marines and their families, both at home and abroad, whilst also raising awareness of the Charity among other British overseas territories."

WO1 McLoughlin and Pete average one tunnel tour a week and in 2014 they raised £335.30 for the Charity.